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Sofomo was founded by a young team that has been together for 3 years achieving benchmarks in wireless technology like building a dual mode (wifi + gsm) phone. End-to-end s/w for the phone was developed right here in Pune , from bootloader to apps. The phone board sported an Intel (now Marvel) XScale core and embedded linux. We built the complete s/w residing on the phone including bootloader, BSP, power management and applications. The client was a Malaysian OEM and we ran the project as a virtual ODC for the factory there.

Our experience in dealing with a device as complex as described above gave us the confidence to take on projects in the emerging field of mobility. Though we explicitly market ourselves as linux kernel experts, due to the immense potential and the comfort level we have with the technology, we also take on work for all mobile phones including the iPhone, android, symbian, etc.

In general our thrust is on mobility and embedded devices that have a wireless end to it! We have been able to build a reputation of being very dependable when it comes to delivery and a lot of corporates would vouch for that.



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